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Disabled Bathroom

Disabled Bathrooms

At Complete Bathroom Solutions, we specialize in comprehensive bathroom renovations, with a dedicated focus on adapting bathrooms to cater to the needs of the less-able and elderly individuals. Our commitment extends beyond creating aesthetically pleasing spaces to ensuring functionality, accessibility, and safety for everyone.

Expertise in Disability Bathroom Adaptations

Grant Assistance:

If you or a family member is in need of bathroom renovations due to mobility challenges, you may be eligible for grants from your local county council. These grants can cover the costs of bathroom renovations or the construction of a new extension on the ground floor of your house. This new living area can serve as a downstairs bedroom/bathroom, providing convenience and accessibility.

Customized Adaptations:

Our disability bathroom adaptations are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. We understand that different mobility challenges require unique solutions, and our team is dedicated to creating a bathroom space that enhances independence and comfort.

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Grant Assistance Programs

If you are eligible for any of the following grants, we can assist you in the consultation process and help you navigate the required paperwork:

Our Work Portfolio

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Project A

I was able to utilise the existing space to install an en-suite complete with shower, toilet and sink.

Project B

This ensuite was gutted of its original fixtures and fittings and completely remodelled to house a chic new interior.

Caragh Community Center

Before and After photos of Caragh Community Centre.